Anchor Bolts according to ASTM


Forjas Bolivar offers more than spare parts, our objective is to offer technology and effective valuable products to industry in general. Thus, In Forjas Bolivar, we are commitment to provide standard, modified or any kind of Anchor Bolts requested by our clients. Furthermore, we provide our clients with accessories such as washers, square plates, nuts, and either polymer or steel sleeves.

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Special Bolts

In Forjas Bolivar, we are convinced that the heavy industry demands flexible responses, therefore, Forjas Bolivar manufactures Special Screws that are manufacture accordingly to the specifications and measurements provided by our clients.

Standard Bolts

This line, which includes bolts, nuts and other threaded items of low, medium and high resistance grades according to different standards, was intended to meet any application in demanding working conditions. Therefore, they are made of carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steels in some cases. Several sizes are available on request

Bolts Accesories

These Accessories are manufactured in different types of steel, and sometimes they have threaded insert of different materials. In Forjas Bolívar, we manufacture a variety of Nuts, Washers, Spacers.

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