Crushing Hammers


At Forjas Bolívar, we have the ability to manufacture different types of crushing solutions according to specific requirements. Used in mills for crushing materials, reducing their size for use in different industries and applications.

Manufacture of a wide variety of hammers for the different industries: cement, food, coal, metallurgy, construction materials, recycling, among others.

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Metallic Saddles for Pressure Pipes

Metallic saddles are used specifically to hold pressure pipes. Their main function is to hold the weight of the pipe while allowing dilation due to the changes in both temperature and load. The design of the joints on the metallic saddle aids it to absorb the displacement of the pipes due to the dilation and contraction that happens due to the environments temperature changes – as well as the changes to the weight of the load of the pipe.

GRP Pipe Fixing Metal Saddle

We have the ability to effectively address different, diverse sectors of the heavy industry and this has taken us to successfully venture into the metallic saddles market. Metallic saddles are used to hold pressure pipes.

We designed our metallic saddles based on the knowledge that the main function of a metallic saddle is to hold the weight of the pressure pipe and absorb any displacements due to dilation and contraction. Both of which are caused by changes in temperature or load. We have combined the highest quality of engineering and innovative manufacturing with the highest quality of carbon steel, allowing our metallic saddles to endure the most extreme workloads

Special Forged Parts

Food industry requires a proper handling and conveying of its products, which is key to comply with food safety regulations that are mandatory by law. Within our broad range of products and service catalog, Forjas Bolivar provides an excellent manufacturing criteria in our carbon steel parts with a cold galvanized finish. These finished parts are essential to close and fasten the lids in the dairy industry containers

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