Forjas Bolívar is a steelworking company, with more than 55 years of experience in the industry.
We specialize in hot forging processes. We provide bulk material conveying solutions to our
clients; our work is complemented by our engineering and installation services.

Forjas Bolivar engineering expertise, skilled labor and adequate technology, working along with
various types of steels (carbon, alloyed, stainless and refractory) that are used in our fabrications,
allow us to deliver excellent products and provide valuable support to our clients.

Forjas Bolivar has been certified in: ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance Certification and ISO 14001:
2015 Environmental Management certification, issued by ICONTEC and IQNET the International
Certification Network.

Forjas Bolivar advanced technology allow us to manufacture, at industrial level, a wide variety of
parts for all kinds of heavy machines. Our products are constantly being tested, to comply with our
standards of excellence, in our quality control department, to guarantee, to our clients in more
than 28 countries, quality spare parts for their heavy machines really meet their expectations.

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Forjas Bolívar offers effective and reliable engineering solutions. Our knowledge, discipline, experience and innovation adds value to each product and service delivered to our clients. By doing so, we fulfil our legal, social, environmental and economic commitments.

Forjas Bolivar is committed to prevent, control and minimize all risks through a continuous improvement on its Labor Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental processes.