Slat Conveyors


The different Mining, Energy and Cement industry activities, among many other industries associate the Slat Conveyors that Forjas Bolivar fabricates to low operational costs and great work production. Therefore, these industries always choose Forjas Bolivar when seeking high technology to convey coarse, abrasive, heavy and hot materials. Forjas Bolivar manufactures chains and conveyor spare parts, with alloy steel of high resistance, and mid and high carbon steel heat treated that fits each manufactured spare part.  Slat Conveyors features are:        

Slats width up to 2400 mm or as needed

Capacity of up to 7000m3/h, and above

Smooth conveying displacement and low noise emission

Slat Conveyors can be directly loaded

Inclination up to 35 °

High resistance chains

Low operating costs

Low maintenance

Its rail system provides an extended useful life

Slat Conveyors come with one or two strand chains, according to required capacity.

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Clinker Conveyors

Our industrial lines of elevator and conveyor's chains, which are forged 100% in carbon, refractory and alloy steel, are manufactured with raw materials of the best quality to supply the spare parts needed by heavy industry, so they can run their heavy equipment and their lines of production the right way.

conveyor chains, which are forged 100% in carbon, refractory and alloy steel, are manufactured with raw materials of the best quality. This industrial line at Forjas Bolivar includes ENGINEERED CHAINS AND ACCESSORIES for the cement, mining and sugar industry; in Forjas Bolivar, we also work for a range of different industries. Conveyor chains are fabricated accordingly to international standards, accordingly to special fabrication specs to meet each clients’ needs.

Inclined Conveyors

When bulk materials have to be lift partially, obtaining inclination of up to 40 degrees in a pan conveyor is possible. The inclination degree that can be achieved varies according to the repose angle of bulk material. In Forjas Bolívar, we have the expertise and knowledge to design and fabricate this type of conveyors that are widely used in the heavy industry.

Conveying Bulk Materials Horizontally

Conveying bulk materials horizontally is one of the most used conveying methods in industry. There is a great variety of conveyors of this kind. In Forjas Bolívar, we carefully analyze clients` needs to offer a customized solution. We also offer a combined Horizontal and Inclined Conveyor design.

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