Equipment Retrofit and Alignment


All equipment, parts and full operational conveying systems, that Forjas Bolivar sells, are fabricated through a sequential structured processes that certifies a perfect operation and low maintenance of these spare parts. However, by understanding the high workload and environments that these spare parts are exposed to, Forjas Bolivar supplies and manufactures spare parts on demand, for different conveying systems; these spare parts are buckets, chains, shafts, sprockets, slats and wheels. Forjas Bolivar also manufactures custom-made parts and accessories for existing systems.

Forjas Bolivar engineering department retrofits, modernizes and fixes conveying equipment parts. We also upgrade existing conveying equipment in operating plants to satisfaction of our clients` needs.

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This represents the following advantages to our clients:


Forjas Bolívar offers technical training to operative and maintenance employees who work directly with bulk material conveyor systems and fastening systems. Our wide knowledge in different areas, including steel, thermal treatments and modern fabrication processes allows us to offer training programs that are customized to meet the needs of our clients. Additionally, Forjas BolÍvar also offers audits to verify Bulk Conveying Systems performance, so our clients can have up to date information of their Bulk Conveying Systems.

We offer training programs in our own facilities, or training can be conducted at the facilities of our clients. Our training programs certifies the person who successfully completes the training program. Forjas Bolivar is at the service of our clients to offer them the training services that our clients` employees may need.

Elevador de Cangilones con Cadena de Platina

Los elevadores de cangilones de cadena de platinas son ideales para el transporte de materiales en trozos grandes, granulares, con alta temperatura o altamente abrasivos.

En Forjas Bolívar fabricamos su cadena y elementos motrices con aceros aleados de alta resistencia, aceros de medio y alto carbono, con tratamientos térmicos adecuados para cada pieza. Sus características son: