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Installation of Conveying Equipment


The lifetime of any piece of equipment or product, especially in conveyor belt systems that manage bulk materials, depends greatly on the actual assembly procedure. Here at Forjas Bolívar .Swe offer an assembly service, both for our own equipment and equipment that is fabricated by other manufacturers. Our engineers, supervisors, welders and other personnel who are skilled in the field of assembly are trained carefully. This guarantees an adequate and high quality procedure. Likewise, the equipment components are handled in such a way that it won’t affect the mechanical integrity of the equipment, with the objective of maximizing the lifetime of the equipment. With our assembly service you are guaranteed that your equipment and parts will be handled, installed and commissioned by personnel who know exactly what to look for, and the critical aspects of the equipment’s operation.

We are here to be at your disposal, offering you the assembly service that you deserve.

Con nuestro servicio de montajes usted garantiza que sus equipos y partes serán manipulados, instalados y comisionados por personal que conoce a la perfección los aspectos críticos del funcionamiento del equipo, sus materiales, sus ajustes y demás detalles de vital importancia.

Estamos a su disposición para ofrecerle el servicio de montaje para cualquiera que sea su necesidad.

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