Bucket Elevator


In Forjas Bolívar S.A.S knowledge and experience is imprinted to all mechanical parts, and conveying lines we have installed, thus, Forjas Bolivar supplies high quality products; such as Bulk Material Conveying and Elevation Systems, which are the most used flowing continues conveying system. Paying attention to structured detail in the fabrication of our products is a must. It is in the fabrication of the details, where our top-level experts make evident all their knowledge, and they offer their technology expertise in high, mid and low speed Bucket Elevators with plate link chains, link chains or high-performance conveyor belts. These products are fabricated at a fair cost to our clients.

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Bucket Elevators with Oval Chain

These Bucket Elevators are manufactured with double oval chain rows, and have the following features:

Belt Bucket Elevators

Belt Bucket Elevators are specially designed to transport fine grain materials. The bucket elevator belts also work excellently at heights over 50 m. Its most important features are:

Bucket Elevators with Slat Chains

Bucket Elevators with Slat Chains are the best to convey coarse and granular materials at high temperature, and highly abrasive.

Forjas Bolivar fabricates chains and conveyor spare parts with alloy steel of high resistance, and with mid and high carbon steel, with a thermal treatment that suits each fabricated spare part.

Bucket Elevators features are: