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Elements for Yellow Machinery


At Forjas Bolívar we are committed to obtaining the maximum performance of all of our products. This is why we apply all of our knowledge and experience in the design, fabrication, configuration and installation processes. We apply this to axles, sprockets, brake shoes and various other components of the yellow machinery that the industry requires.

Brake shoes for yellow machinery

We manufacture shafts, sprockets, Track Shoes and other elements for heavy machinery according to drawing specs. All their parts are manufactured in alloy steels of the highest quality in order to satisfactorily meet working conditions.

In Forjas Bolívar S.A.S, we are committed in obtaining maximum performance in all our products, therefore, we dedicate all our experience to the design, manufacture, configuration and installation of shafts, sprockets, track shoes and spare parts, required by the heavy machinery industries.

Dentro de nuestras opciones de fabricación tenemos:

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