Stud Bolts


Getting involved every Forjas Bolivar department in the projects has allowed us to make our clients’ projects a reality, and to offer countless references that meet a wide range of needs. We produce Stud Bolts according to ASTM A193 and ASTM A320 standards.  Flanges, pressure valves and fittings are manufactured in stainless steel and alloy steel. Products ASTM A307 standard are manufactured in carbon steel.

We are also flexible in the manufacturing of stud threads. They are either manufacture in millimeters or inches. Stud threads are manufactured in their entire length, unless otherwise indicated

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Finishes and Coatings

Forjas Bolívar has established processes that guarantee product suitability at all times, from their creation to the final delivery to the client. Within these processes, as a measure of protection against corrosion during stud bolts delivery and storage, an oil coating technique has been perfected.


Electrolytic hot dip galvanizing provides the stud bolts corrosion resistance. It is a coating between the base material iron and the zinc, which produces a layer that is resistant to mechanical damage.

Forjas Bolivar offers an organo-metallic coating to its clients, according to ASTM F1136 standard when there is the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement.

Anti-corrosive fluopolimerium (xylan) coating

This is a high resistant coating for stud bolts that are exposed to corrosion either in a salt or caustic and bromic acid environment.

This coating is also resistant to impact and abrasion. It has a low friction coefficient that facilitates the assembly of the STUD BOLTS without damaging coating.